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Gladwin Group offers solution for safe power supply and easy operations using the latest and advanced touch technologies to ensure maximum safety and initiative handling. Accordingly, our company are making targeted investments in research technology and process development. Since 2018, the existing competencies and know-how have been expanded. As a result excellent products are manufactured from high quality raw materials that are suited to the respective area of application. The focus is on sustainable and fully automated production. The aim is to monitor optimize both the material usage record and the reliability of the product. To provide you with the best AV solution we have a wide range of technology in-house. These technologies are set of the solutions used in modern designs and equipment’s.

All technologies are developed and optimized under our own production facilities. For every technology we have selected Gladwin Group of Companies for the best design and proto-typing. We have both factories optimized in small volume production and in high volume production. We also have access to high volume production partners in Canada, Taiwan, Malaysia and in India. We have a long term relationship with Canadian, American partners in the area of new R & D research and product designing we have developed to the highest American / European standards. That every advance IFP need you find the right technology is in our portfolio.

Within the Gladwin Companies we provide customized solution. Every automated solution is best of the one combination of the following technologies:-

  • Integrated solution
  • Touch Screen Solution / Technologies
  • HMI (Embedded Computers) / touching membrane switches, software’s

All the above mentioned technologies are valuable as integrated solutions. If you are looking for a complete advance audio visual assembled solution including IFP, housing and electronics, you can access the complete reliable services with the Gladwin Group.

We help you solve your most critical challenges in education to drive student success.

The education landscape is continuously evolving. It’s why we’re focused on providing you the technology, tools and support to transform to meet the specific needs of your students. We are your partner in change working alongside with you to enable success for your institution or organization with innovative technologies and services.

MD / CEO Gladwin Group speaks

"We assure highest standards for product development and service quality to our customers across PAN India and in more than ten countries based on our strong commitments to business excellence. This is based on the know-how of our qualified employees. They are empowered to generate highest customer value by innovative professional work."

The Global flat Panel Interactive Display market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 84.30% from 2015 – 2026 to reach a value of $ 191.50 billion. Interactive Flat Panel Display are exactly what they sound like –

Displays that can interact with similar to a smart phone growing on much larger size. Higher resolution are helping Flat Panel Display edge out White Boards in the Interactive display market. And while the Interactive Flat Panel Market was $1.37 billion in 2015, these new generation displays are popping up in class rooms and board rooms alike. Novel technology like 3D for Interactive displays and use of displays for way finding are expected to drive massive market growth from 2015 to 2026. All told the Global Flat Panel Interactive Display market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 84.30% over forecast period to reach a value of US$ 191.50 billion by 2026.

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We believe in the power of technology to expand access to education

We believe that everyone regardless of geography, financial situation, stage of life or disability—deserves access to education. To support your goals, our solutions deliver:

Learner Engagement

In the classroom, across campus or via virtual engagement, from enrolment to advancement institutions are delivering the type of connected and engaging technological learning experience, support network, and learning community today's students demand.

Academic Effectiveness

Institutions are designing educational technology ecosystems to meet the specific needs of their learners. It's an initiative that's designed to create more flexibility and efficient engagement for educators and compelling student experiences, together driving improved institutional outcomes. With an open, scalable, and integrated platform that simplifies integration across existing systems, institutions are driving excellence throughout the student's journey.

Education Insight

Institutions are leveraging data that is accessible, relevant and actionable to inform decisions and change behaviours. It's a strategic shift that uses data from all touch points and delivers insights at every level, providing the right information, to the right person, at the right time.